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We follow structured development methodology based on PDLC (Product Development Life Cycle) methods. Product Development Life Cycle (PDLC) is an umbrella activity that begins with the initiation of a new product idea or need, goes on to conceptualization, development, launching and maintenance of the product. Basically there are 3 major phases of it. They are:
Pre-Development Phase:
In this phase a development effort is initiated with the identification of an idea or need for a system to be developed, whether it is a new effort or a change, to all or part of an existing application and whether it is for an internal or external customer. This phase focuses on the concept exploration and defining the requirements of the Product.
Development and Implementation Phase:
In this phase, the product is designed and developed. During this phase, the software design is converted into actual software i.e., code and then after it can be released.
Product Maintenance Phase:
This stage contains two major activities; these are:
  • Product maintenance initiation
  • Product change analysis and monitoring.
To get more information about our work and development of the methodology, contact us without any hesitation.
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