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.NET 3.5
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.NET is a comprehensive and integrated development framework which is Microsoft’s managed code programming model for building applications on windows clients, servers and mobile. It is integrated into Microsoft Windows Server 2003.

Basically it enables the developers to easily build sophisticated enterprise applications. And by utilizing .NET, the developers can build the applications like; web application, server application, console application, database application and smart client application.

.NET is flexible and it supports many languages, meaning whatever language you are using, you can probably use it with the .NET. It can be used with C++, COBOL, Fortran and RPG. Another advantage of .NET is the flexibility to use outside consultants to construct portions of a total application. With .NET, separate groups can share work, even if they don’t share a single common-development language. .NET is designed to provide improved scalability, productivity and performance. With the .NET framework you can deliver a quality product with a low number of defects, in the low budget and in a smaller amount of time.

The main advantages of .NET are high productivity, high performance and low cost. Developers and administrators prefer this, mainly because of its productivity. Moreover it has low license cost and low labor cost.

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