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India Source enables you to make the most of the Open source applications
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Day by day the term open source softwares is being ubiquitous and to know about this, before harnessing it, is very crucial. Open source is a set of rules for writing the software and the most important thing is that, the source code of it, is openly available and so you can not only get the source code but also you can utilize it. Different open source applications like; PHP, Joomla, Facebook, ROR, Drupal and Ajax can be useful to you in different ways.

PHP which is a scripting language can be utilized for web development and that can be engrafted into HTML. It can be organized on almost all the web servers and every operating system and platform on free of charge. The PHP programs take input from the file or stream and outputs another type of stream.

Joomla is one of the most powerful content management systems which is being used for everything whether it is a simple web site or an intricate corporate application.

Use the face book application and gets connected with the people around you. For the advertisements as well as for creating your own group of people, this face book development can be very utilitarian.

Ruby on rail is a free web application framework which can be useful to amplify the agility and ease with which the database driven web sites can be created.

Drupal is a free modular framework and content management system. You can craft and organize the content, customize it and automate the administrative tasks.

Ajax is a cluster of inter related web development techniques which is used for creating interactive web applications.

The extensive experience and wide knowledge of the India Source and its team make you able to succeed with the help of the open source applications and the clients can surely get the de facto results.

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