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We are ISO 20000 and ISO 9001:2008 certified company and so we don’t work arbitrarily, but we work according to the standard processes. When it comes to Quality Assurance (QA), the ISO 20000 standards define it as “a set of activities to evaluate the process by which software work products are developed and/or maintained.”
For maintaining quality of the work and enhancing the level of work, we have made processes and we work according to that only. Following are few of the major processes and their objects:
Integration system testing process:
this is the process made to ensure that a system as whole has no discrepancy between the behavior of the constructed system and its pre defined functionality.
Internal audit process:
This is made to keep an eye on the work of each employee. We audit in the following ways:
  • Internal audit
  • Baseline audit
  • Delivery audit
  • CC audit
Review process:
It is made to ensure that the processes and the products associated with software development, meet the quality requirements of a project.
SQA process:
It is to provide independent verification that software development activities are being performed in an approved manner
Within the scope of our ISO 20000, QA is clearly focused on software process quality and according to that, we maintain the product quality. The software Quality Assurance Process (SQA) gives the confirmation that the software development activities are executed in the approved manner. “Software development activities” contain the activities of development, product information, continuation engineering and various support functions. We make the standard processes, implement them and at last audit the performed work.
Verification and validation process:
Our testing phase includes the unit testing, integration testing and system testing and for testing, we follow the verification and validation process which is to ensure that the selected work products meet their specified requirements and the product fulfils its intended use when placed in its intended environment.
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