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SQL server 2008
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SQL server 2008 builds on SQL server 2005 by offering more steadfast platform which has boosted the database mirroring. It is the release of Microsoft SQL server which can provide a comprehensive data platform which is more secure, scalable and manageable. This server can make the developers able to create new applications which save and consume all the types of data on any device. With the assistance of the SQL server 2008, the organizations can store various types of data such as XML, time, calendar, e-mails, files and different types of documents. It is not only trusted, manageable and scalable but it can reduce the cost of managing the data.

Trusted: It facilitates the organization to run even the most critical application with high security and less time. It consolidates the security keys within the data.

Less time on the operations:  it consumes less time in developing the data infrastructure by simplifying the data installation and configuration. It can serve you productive policy based management of your infrastructure with which you can manage your data via policies instead of scripts.

Transparent data encryption: SQL server 2008 makes the encryption possible of data files and log files without changing/re-writing the applications.

Optimized and predictable performance: You can easily monitor your system by collecting and storing system events. SQL server 2008 enables you to manage all the concurrent work on one system and to decrease the storage cost. You can Increase the query performance and be sure of the consistency of it too.

Back up compression and data compression:  Keeping disk-based back-ups online is expensive and time consuming. With SQL server 2008, less storage is required to keep back ups online and so back up can run considerably faster. Improved data compression makes it possible to store data more effectively and even to reduce the storage requirements.

Enterprise data warehousing: It becomes easy to scale and manage large number of data and it can increase the I/O performance with efficient and cost effective data storage.

It helps you in connecting your data from any device and accesses it from anywhere.

The SQL server 2008 can deliver enterprise data platform which is a secured and trusted platform for your data. It accelerates your development with entities and synchronizes the data from any device. It can work beyond the relational data and can store any type of data.

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